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Soil/Rock Nail & Shotcrete/Panels

Foundation Issue:
In order to facilitate new tanks the existing hillside required over 40 feet of shoring through over burden soils and rock.

Special Conditions:
Existing structures coupled with the steep slope created difficult access to the work area. Typical systems such as soldier piles were not feasible due to the access issues. In addition, driving of beams was not possible due to rock.

CCGI provided a Value Engineered solution consisting Soil/Rock Nails and Integrated Panel System. CCGI investigated many different systems before making a decision to use this innovative solution. Larger equipment needed for soldier pile or tangent wall systems simply would not operate on the existing slope and minimal benches could be cut into the slope. Considering top down construction CCGI evaluated the use of nails and shot-crete. The project schedule made curing time required for the shot-crete undesirable. Based on this issue CCGI implemented an integrated panel system developed by CCGI several years ago.

Since no cure time is required, there is no hold time before each subsequent lift of nails and panels can be installed. In addition the process of handling the panels and setting them is much faster than shot-crete. The panel system coupled with geotextile fabric allows for a free draining system that does not develop hydrostatic pressure while maintaining fines behind the wall. Costs: Due to the speed of installation and the reduced labor this system also generates a savings when compared to conventional shot-crete systems.